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WESTHO - First choice for your dog!

baldurOnly a healthy dog ​​is a happy dog. And only a healthy dog ​​can hunt well. With the Westho complete feedingstuff, which has been especially developed for hunting dogs, it is now possible to provide the hunting dog with everything he needs, whether at the time of the hunts or in the off-season.
In a three-year, scientifically accompanied development phase, we have developed a dog food line, as they have not existed so far in this quality. Together with veterinarians, institutes for animal nutrition, breeders and experienced hunting dog guides, we have succeeded in bringing a dog food to the market, which meets the highest standards - and is geared exactly to hunting dogs.
Only high quality and pure ingredients are used for our wet and dry food, so that the dog is always in optimal condition. Muscle meat, organs, fish, vegetables, herbs and valuable oils in eight different compositions make it possible to give exactly the food that is tailored to the particular hunting dog, its age and the area of ​​use. So the dog can be perfectly taken care of all year round, because his individual need for nutrients depends heavily on his hunting use.
Whether peak season or low season, with WESTHO you can be sure that your dog will always bring top performance. And that he leads a long, healthy life

Bild: Baldur Neubauer